Head Office Banking Hall - 1967
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Some of the Head Office Banking Hall staff pose for a photograph taken by Maurice Eley on a Saturday morning:
left to right:
Peter Limbrick; David Parkes; [unknown]; June Hickman; Iris Pudge; Sue Brown (sitting); Pat Merricks;
Bert Wilner (Head Office Superintendent - at rear); Maureen Limbrick; Sue Bishop (?); Eileen Goode; Pauline Giles; Norah Winfield.
The staff are standing in front of a raised and enclosed structure (known as 'The Pen') that formed the office for the Head Office branch Superintendent (Mr T A E Wilner). In the foreground of the photograph are a pair of ledger bins used to store some of the ledger cards that recorded the transactions of depositors - the posting to the cards being made on machines located in rooms off the corridor at the rear of the photograph. The slot in date panels were updated by the building's caretaker after each day's close of business