Head Office Banking Hall - 1967
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Some of the Head Office Banking Hall staff pose for a photograph taken by Maurice Eley on a Saturday morning:
left to right:
Peter Limbrick; David Parkes; [unknown]; June Hickman; Iris Pudge; Sue Brown (sitting); Pat Merricks;
Bert Wilner (Head Office Superintendent - at rear); Maureen Limbrick; Sue Bishop (?); Eileen Goode; Pauline Giles; Norah Winfield.
The staff are standing in front of a raised and enclosed structure (known as 'The Pen') that formed the office for the Head Office branch Superintendent (Mr T A E Wilner). In the foreground of the photograph are a pair of ledger bins used to store some of the ledger cards that recorded the transactions of depositors - the posting to the cards being made on machines located in rooms off the corridor at the rear of the photograph. The slot-in date panels were updated by the building's caretaker after each day's close of business