Head Office building team - 1933
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This historic photograph was discovered in the Safe Deposit area of the Broad Street Head Office shortly before the building was closed in 1998. The caption attached to the original print stated that this photograph was The 'Gang' who built these premises in 1933. It appears that the photograph was originally commissioned by the builders, W J Whittall & Son, and it was presented to the Bank in 1989.
The only member of 'the gang' to have been identified is John James Sheriff, the Foreman Bricklayer, who is in the centre of the back row wearing a flat cap and sporting a dickie bow. The Clerk of Works for the construction was a Mr F Horfield and the Foreman Electrical Engineer was Mr A E Maggs. Alf Maggs was later employed by the Bank as its Engineer - both these gentlemen are presumably in the photograph, but not yet identified.
The print was preserved by Phil Herriott and Gill Price.