Alum Rock Branch - 1952
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This photograph, taken in March 1952, shows the junction of Alum Rock Road, Pelham Road, Belchers Lane, Alum Rock Road, and Sladefield Road. The photographer is positioned in Alum Rock Road, looking south. The Bank's Alum Rock branch is on the left of the photograph between Pelham Road and Belchers Lane where there is a bus stop and a telephone box.
At this date the branch is trading from a temporary structure, the original 1928 building having suffered major bomb damage during the Second World War. Comparison with a 1928 photograph of the branch (below) shows that subsequent to the bomb damage, the upper part of the building has been removed and the temporary branch has been located in the remaining section of the ground floor. The functioning of the branch was assisted by the fact that the original strongroom survived the bombing.
In the 1952 photograph, it appears that the building on the far side of the branch still has considerable war damage.
In May 1952, the Bank's Committee of Management invited tenders for the reconstruction of the branch. During this reconstruction, the work of the branch was transferred to the nearby Saltley branch. Business resumed in the reconstructed premises on Friday, January 1st 1954.
Original premises at the corner of Belchers Lane and Pelham Road: August 1928
(Pelham Road to the left; Belchers Lane to the right)