Closure of
Rotton Park and Smethwick Branches
Rotton Park branch was opened as an Evening Branch on September 1st 1919.
Smethwick branch was opened on December 1st 1939.
In 1988, the two branches were closed and amalgamated in a new office at Cape Hill - located between the two old branches in a former Woolworth store. The amalgamation operation was performed over two weekends, the first upon the closure of Smethwick branch at 4pm on Friday, as described by Assistant Manager, Keith Burrows:
We were very proud of the fact that, due to planning, preparation and teamwork, the removal van left the new premises at 5:45pm, having delivered all the files, documents and stationery. We then worked through the weekend setting up new files and systems ready for the opening at 9:30am on Monday.
Keith admitted that in the days leading up to the move staff had journeyed between the old branch and the new with less-than-vital documents to ensure there was as little as possible left for the removal team. A few weeks later the process was repeated at Rotton Park branch.
(Based on an article from the TSB Staff Magazine 'Banknotes' supplied by Ian Galloway)
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