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Members of staff of the BMB achieved distinction in the Savings Banks Institute Associate Examinations on a number of occasions. Particular success was achieved in the 1970 Examinations, when there were three Prizewinners:


Sir Thomas Jaffrey Place Prize Part I - 2nd Prize: A P Byrne 

Savings Bank Law & Practice-1 Part II Miss M S Phipps 

Savings Bank Law & Practice-2 Part III J H Winterbottom


These three members of staff collected their prizes at the 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Savings Banks Institute, which was held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on March 18th 1971. This photograph shows the three staff members at that event.

Savings Banks Institute Prizewinners
left to right: Tony Byrne; John Winterbottom; Horace Corles; [unknown]; Miss M S Phipps.
Horace Corles was a BMB Branch Inspector and SBI Council Member
(photograph supplied by John Winterbottom)
Members of Council, Delegates and Guests at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester
The following were Prizewinners in the 1969 Examinations:

Sir Thomas Jaffrey Place Prize Part II and III - 1st Prize: Miss J M Hooke 

Savings Bank Law & Practice-2 Part III Miss J M Hooke 

Banking Practice Part III Miss J M Hooke 

J W Raftery Memorial Prize for English - Part I: Miss S M King
Janette Hooke (left) and Sue King are shown below, receiving their certificates from the SBI President, Mr R Foster
There were three BMB Prizewinners in the 1964 Examinations:

Economics Part I G L Capener

Book-keeping Part I Miss J B Smith

A E Walker Prize for Savings Bank Law and Practice (Intermediate) M P Bourke
Graham Capener also obtained a prize in the1965 Examinations:

Savings Bank Law and Practice-1 Part II; his two certificates are reproduced below, together with the invitation to attend the AGM in Dundee where he collected his certificate, and the Menu/Order of Business (*) for the Dinner held at the AGM.


Details of other BMB Prizewinners are listed separately.



(* Menu/Order of Business supplied by Michael Bourke)