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Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank
Three photographs relating to the
temporary bank that preceded the
Birmingham Municipal Bank
This first historical photograph was taken on August 31st 1919 in the section of the Water Department (in Edmund Street) used by the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank (BCSB). Fifty years later, Norman Ling (Memory-023) recalled that
the whole day opened, by all the staff working on the ground floor of the Water Dept. (9am - 9pm), writing up Signature Books for the respective Branches of the new Bank and transferring cash balances to the ledgers.
Following completion of the work being done in the above photograph, the Birmingham Municipal Bank (BMB) commenced business the next day. Recollections by the staff of the events of that day (September 1st 1919)
have been provided by:
Harold Carver (Early Days at Sparkbrook Branch)
Frank Whitehouse (Opening a Branch Bank in 1919)
The following two photographs show the members of staff of the
Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank
The original caption to this photograph (STAFF. BIRMINGHAM CORPORATION SAVINGS BANK 1916 - 1919) appears to suggest that these fifteen members of staff were employed by the Bank for the whole of its existence from 1916 to 1919. Seated are Fred Parsonage (2nd left) who retired as Deputy General Manager of the BMB in 1960,
and J P Hilton (3rd left) - Manager of the BCSB and the first General Manager of the BMB.
Staff of Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank - August 31st 1919
Of the 29 members of staff identified by the caption, only Miss Briscoe was not subsequently employed by the Birmingham Municipal Bank. The following 11 persons were also employed by the BMB on September 1st 1919:
Messrs F W Parsonage; A H Longmore; W Hodgetts; R Judge; E Davies; E Brighton; Edwards; Abbott; Lewis; Kirkpatrick; and Mrs Hinkley. Some of these 11 people may have only been employed on a temporary basis to staff Evening Branches