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Thrift Radiates Happiness
Images relating to an exhibition held
in the former Broad Street Head Office in March 2013
From March 14th to 17th 2013, a contemporary art exhibition was held in the Bank's former Head Office in Broad Street. The various art projects that formed the separate parts of the exhibition focussed on finance and investment. The title of the exhibition was taken from one of the inscriptions carved in the ceiling of the Banking Hall.
The Banking Hall was used to stage a major part of the exhibition: a series of stories and recollections relating to the Bank. This work was created by Elly Clarke, who made recordings whilst interviewing seventeen former Bank employees. The majority of the recordings took place in Broad Street and at the Bank's Retirement Club. Elly entitled her work HALF CROWNS IN THEIR PETTICOATS.
Images of the seventeen contributors are shown below, together with photographs showing the recordings being made and listened to by visitors to the exhibition.
The complete recordings can be heard at:
The individual recordings are detailed in Half-Crowns in their Petticoats.
John Ordish
Graham Capener
Bob Fernie
Tom Murphy
Ray & Margaret Stanley
Gilbert Sherbourne
Eileen Goode
Mary Jones
Lynne Wright
Jeanette & David Parkes
Gill Price
Rob Wilden
Eric Bignell
Arthur Radburn
Chris Bowcott
Photographs by
Elly Clarke &
David Parkes