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Broad Street - an update
These photographs were taken during visits, by various people, in 2012 and 2013,
and illustrate some changes to the BMB's Head Office over the previous four years.
See Broad Street Revisted for images taken in 2009
Much of the exterior of the building is unchanged, including the heraldic roundels and the loggia lamps. The corridor between the main entrance and the Banking Hall appears to be little changed from this angle - photograph taken from the northeast octagonal lobby. In that lobby, the entrance to the old Clearing Department is in good condition; Jeanette Parkes (pictured) worked in this department in 1959/1960.
The condition of the Banking Hall, however, has detiorated somewhat. The view from the first floor clearly shows the outline of the long since removed counter - the parquet flooring marking the staff side of the counter, and the Roman stone of the customers' area.
The decoration of the coffered ceiling shows the lack of maintenance that ensues from a building not occupied for 15 years, but the original inscriptions remain. The original laylights now incorporate a more modern system.
The major change to the Banking Hall is the removal of the magnificent bronze work, including the grille doors that were an attractive feature of the arches on each side of the hall.
Removal of the bronze grilles from the hall's slit windows has resulted in damage to the marble tiles, but does reveal how the wall was constructed.
The twist decoration on the walls remains, as does the observation balcony above the revolving entrance door.
The cast bronze balustrades have been removed from the stairwells.
(right) This keyhole was part of the building's security system. The resident caretaker was required to patrol the building periodically during the night, recording his progress by turning a key in each of these strategically placed keyholes. The system recorded the times of his rounds on a device in the building's telephone exchange.
First floor, western corridor - the open door formerly giving access to the General Manager's office. The hexagonal-shaped window originally assisted with the illumination of the Secretarial Office - a room later used by the Superintendent of Branches.
The circular window on the second floor still retains its 'MB' motif.
The Safe Deposit Department is in better condition in 2012 (above) compared with 2009. But by February 2013, the locks have been removed from individual safes.
The motto inscribed on the rear wall (PRUDENT PEOPLE SEEK A SAFE PLACE WHEREIN TO LODGE THEIR SECURITIES) now has some of the individual letters missing.
Photographs by Elly Clarke, Mark Wilson, and David Parkes
(left) At the rear of the Safe Deposit Department, the small strongroom door was originally used to provide ventilation to the vault via the grille above it. The mirror in the centre of the photographed is angled at the corner of the corridor that surrounds the strongrooms - this provides a view 'round the corner'
(right) The former Stationery Department now has few of its original shelves, but has acquired some graffiti.
(below) Two views of basement level muniment rooms
Gill Price at the Safe Deposit's reception desk. Gill was working in this department when the building was closed in 1998.