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Head Office - early 1970s
The following photographs, submitted by Christine Skett and Bob Fernie,
illustrate various aspects of non-working activity by Head Office staff
The first two images show three members of Banking Hall's staff during a break from work, relaxing in the Hall of Memory Gardens, Broad Street
(left to right):
 - Lynda Grinham
 - Pat Lansley
 - Jacquie Rose
Christine Skett (then Christine Oakes)
celebrating her 21st Birthday
Christine Skett presents a bouquet to Mrs Massey on the occasion of the retirement of Mr C H ('Eddie')Massey from his position of Assistant General Manager in 1970.
Also in the photograph are two senior members of the Bank's Staff:
(behind Mrs Massey): Cecil Selwyn
(behind Christine): Bernard Endall
Barbara Skidmore being subjected to a 1970s Head Office tradition - being dressed up prior to her wedding. This photograph, and the next two, were taken in Banking Hall's machine room. The accounting machines used to post transactions to customers' accounts can be seen in the photographs - the machines were shortly to be replaced by the computerisation of the accounting records.
Barbara Skidmore is accompanied by (left to right):
 - Pat Lansley
 - Brenda Plant
 - Beryl Hirons
 - Jacquie Rose
 - Lynda Grinham
 - Eileen Goode
Jacquie Rose with her future husband
Christine Skett's costume reflects her love of elephants
(left to right):
 - Christine Skett
 - Pat Lansley
 - Jacquie Rose
Members of staff in Broad Street, shortly after
leaving a Head Office party.
(left to right, facing the camera):
 - Judith Barker
 - Derek Horner
 - Sue Bishop
 - Muriel Caddy
 - Carrol Reed
 - [unknown]
 - Sue Speakman (at rear)