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Broad Street Under Construction


Between the finalisation of the Design Competition in 1931, and the Official Opening on November 27th 1933, the progress of the construction of the Bank’s new Head Offices was monitored in the press by a series of photographs. Some of these images are reproduced here, together with their original captions.

Considerable progress has been made in the work of clearing the site in Broad Street, Birmingham (covered by the extensive premises until recently occupied by Messrs Lee, Longland and Co) upon which is to be erected the head offices for the Municipal Bank. The land which adjoins that occupied by the Masonic Temple was acquired by the Corporation for the development of a civic centre, and on an undertaking being given by the bank committee that the design and character of the new building would be suitable the site was transferred to them. The plans which provide for an imposing building fronting Broad Street were prepared by Mr T C Howitt, of East Nottingham, these conforming to the projected layout of the civic centre. They were awarded first prize in a competition for the designs by the assessor, Sir Reginald Blomfield.

The new premises will have a striking façade with four massive pillars at the entrance from Broad Street. In addition to safes and strong rooms, provision will be made for a spacious banking hall, with a domed roof lighted from above. On either side of the hall there will be accommodation for interviewing bank customers, and for the House Purchase Department, which is temporarily housed in premises in Easy Row. Adequate accommodation will be provided for the general manager’s, the accountancy and other departments, and on the second floor there will be an assembly hall, committee room and various offices. The estimated cost of the building is £75,000.

A start will be made upon the building within the next few months. 

(February 8th 1932)


THE NEW AND THE OLD – Workmen are now clearing the site for the new headquarters of the Birmingham Municipal Bank, adjoining the Masonic Temple in Broad-street 

(February 20th 1932)

The structure of the new headquarters for the Birmingham Municipal Bank, in Broad Street, is rapidly taking shape. Mr Neville Chamberlain (Chancellor of the Exchequer) will lay the foundation stone on Saturday week.
(October 13th 1932)

THE FOUNDATION STONE of the new Head Offices of the Birmingham Municipal Bank in Broad-street will be laid at noon to-day by the Chancellor of the Exchequer (the Rt Hon Neville Chamberlain, MP). Work in progress on the new building.

(October 22nd 1932)

Our picture shows the new Head Offices of the Birmingham Municipal Bank in course of erection.(January 26th 1933)

The façade of the new headquarters, in Broad-street, of the Birmingham Municipal Bank. Such progress has been made in the building of the premises that the formal opening is now expected to take place in the autumn. One feature of the bank will be its safe-deposit (varied in dimensions for individual requirements).

(January 27th 1933)

APPLYING THE FINAL TOUCHES – Workmen are here seen finishing off the front of Birmingham’s new Municipal Bank to be opened by Prince George.

(August 15th 1933)

Now that the hoardings have been removed it is possible to judge the imposing effect of the Birmingham Municipal Bank’s new headquarters in Broad-street, which Prince George is to open on 27 November.

(November 10th 1933)

THE NEW MUNICIPAL BANK at Birmingham which is shortly to be opened. It is an interesting addition to the architecture of the city.

(November 16th 1933)

The new headquarters of the Birmingham Municipal Bank in Broad Street, which is to be opened on Monday by Prince George.

(November 25th 1933)