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Vegetables in the Street
This image appeared in a Wartime newspaper article dated August 1st 1941,
under the above heading. The accompanying article (reproduced below) was entitled Brick-end Dump is his City Allotment
Vegetables for Victory - and right in the heart of Birmingham at that! Yes, it's true. I found Mr Frank Kirtland tending his allotment adjoining the Birmingham Municipal Bank, where he is curator.
Mr Kirtland has a fine crop of potatoes, cabbages, turnips, carrots, parsnips, lettuces, peas, beans, and marrows - a reward for his perseverance.
This splendidly kept allotment was once a heap of rubble, and he spent many back-aching weeks removing bricks from his little piece of land.
When his seeds were well under way and beginning to look healthy, "an unwelcome visitor" covered the land once more with brick ends.
But it takes more than this to part a zealous man and the fruit of his labour.
Again the brick-ends and debris were removed, and troops can testify to the excellence of the vegetables.
All the surplus yield from his garden he distributed to various members of the Forces.
This former member of the City Police Force was congratulated by Sir Ernest Canning, who suggested that he should obtain the necessary permission and dig up the plot of ground in front of the bank.
So soon green peas and beans will greet the passers-by as an example of "digging for victory" even in the unlikeliest of places.
see Image - 122: Frank Kirtland