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Luncheons at Branch Openings
A feature of many of the opening ceremonies for permanent branch offices, was a formal luncheon, or tea. Photographs of these were often included in the formal record of the event, although the original captions never stated where the function was held, but a venue near the branch was most likely to have been utilised, and the details reported in a local newspaper. The following images show examples of these functions.

Sparkbrook -
July 25th 1921
The first permanent branch opening with the Lord Mayor (Alderman Cadbury) addressing the guests at Christ Church schools. Neville Chamberlain appears to be sitting two places to his right

Spring Hill -
July 25th 1925
The Lord Mayor (Percival Bower) is accompanied by the Bank's Chairman (Councillor Appleby) on his immediate left, and the Bank's General Manager (J P Hilton) third on his left. The location is probably a disused chapel to the rear of the branch

Stechford -
November 8th 1930
The original caption for this photograph merely stated: 'Assembly at opening of Stechford branch'. It shows the invited guests taking tea at the YMCA Red Triangle Club building, that was located next to the new permanent branch, and was used in 1921 for the temporary Evening Branch

Oldbury -
April 30th 1932
Backed by the curtains of a stage, the Bank's Chairman addresses the diners in Oldbury Town Hall

Kingstanding -
October 23rd 1937
Alderman Harold Roberts (the Lord Mayor) is holding a silver salver presented to him as a memento of the occasion when he performed the branch opening ceremony