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Head Office in 1969 - Standing Order Department

Prior to computerisation of the Bank's accounting system, customers' Standing Orders were handled on a system using Addressograph plates. Following the establishment of City branch in Martineau Square, the administration of Standing Orders was transferred from Broad Street to an office above City branch that provided more space. This photograph was taken in 1969 and shows John Ager (the Manager of City branch) viewing staff working with the Addressograph-Multigraph system. The six members of staff (left to right) include Richard Mann (third), Audrey Harvey (fourth) and Eileen Griffiths (sixth).


A description of how Decimalisation impacted the Standing Order system was written in 1970 by Alban Clemons.

(NOTE: Addressograph was a labelling system patented in the USA in 1896, basically as a method of using metal plates to repeatedly address envelopes)