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Weoley Castle Branch
These photographs were submitted by Steve Barber, and were taken when he was a member of staff at Weoley Castle branch in about 1974, at the time that the branch was being taken-on to the On-Line Real-Time computer system. At that time, the branch was managed by Bill Hughes

Pauline Jacks and Jean Taylor with a Sales Leaflet Dispenser on top of a Ledger Bin. The Bin is stacked with the account ledger cards used for hand-posting prior to the introduction of the computerisation of customer records


Pauline Jacks in the branch Mess Room


Steve Barber in the Mess Room
Jean Taylor in the Banking Hall
Pauline Jacks at the counter with a recently installed computer terminal
Banking Hall, view towards the front of the branch, with the manager's office on the right.
A false ceiling is in the process of being installed as a security measure - another branch had suffered a raid where the counter anti-bandit screen was jumped over. On the desk, on the left, is an Addo-X adding machine. Foreground right: ledger bins
Steve Barber at the Ledger Bins, view of Banking Hall towards the rear of the branch - the door to the Mess Room was on the left of the alcove beneath the clock
An unusually tidy strongroom, with the branch's original cash safe (built into a concrete block) on the right, and a more modern addition beside it. Note the bags of coins at bottom right