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Broad Street Revisited - Part 4


Photographs taken on a visit to Broad Street, made on January 5th 2009,
by Gill & Mike Price and Jeanette & David Parkes

as described in Memory 33

The Northwest corner of the Second Floor's Assembly Room. Additions and alterations from the original design include a new wall that shortens the room (a smaller window has been cut off) and additional lighting units on the ceiling and between the windows


First Floor: Gill & Mike Price, and Jeanette Parkes, on the North Corridor's balcony. Behind Mike's right shoulder, the Banking Hall's clock is just visible

The magnificent U-shaped counter has been removed from the Banking Hall, and is now in pieces in a stairwell

The garage and loading bay area at the rear of the building - the stairs on the right lead up to the Southwest corner of the Ground Floor

This office at the rear of the Accounts Dept
(First Floor) was converted to house computer equipment in the 1970s. Some of this equipment remains in situ, but not in use

This office on the Ground Floor (northwest
corner of the building) was originally designated as a fourth interview room to be used by the House Purchase Department. It was later used for the processing of Standing Orders. The 1985 alterations to the building installed this switchgear

The motor for the lift on the south side of the building. The motor room is on the First Floor; the lift connects the First and Ground Floors, and the secure area in the Basement

Second Floor:


- detail of Ancona Walnut used to panel the Committee Boardroom























- view from the Caretaker's Flat, across the Yard to the windows of the Committee Boardroom