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Broad Street Revisited - Part 3


Photographs taken on a visit to Broad Street, made on January 5th 2009,
by Gill & Mike Price and Jeanette & David Parkes

as described in Memory 33

The maker's name on the rear of a Muniment Room Strongroom Door



The cabinets formerly used to store the deeds held as security for Mortgage and other Secured Advances. The unusual handles allowed the cabinet doors to be opened sideways to give access to the stored deeds

Muniment Room with strongroom door and
grille open


Jeanette Parkes, Mike and Gill Price in a room at the rear of the Banking Hall. The room was used as a Machine Room for much of the building's life, but was later used by the Bank's Finance Department for various functions including the Foreign Till

View from the window of the room in the previous photograph - one of the building's Light Wells; this one is at the southwest corner


This room on the First Floor is at the northwest corner of the building. In the original design, it housed the Bank's Secretarial - the door providing access to the General Manager's office.
The unusually shaped window is in a wall of a
corridor that gives access to the four offices on the west side of the building:
    General Manager
    Deputy General Manager