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Broad Street Revisited - Part 2


Photographs taken on a visit to Broad Street, made on January 5th 2009,
by Gill & Mike Price and Jeanette & David Parkes

as described in Memory 33



The motto PRUDENT PEOPLE SEEK A SAFE PLACE IN WHICH TO LODGE THEIR SECURITIES is still in a good condition, but some sections of the glass frieze above it were broken

The southwest corner of Safe Deposit with the individual safe doors left open following closure of the facility

Individual 'Class A' safes near the entrance door

The section of the Safe Deposit that includes the highest numbered of the 10,528 safes - although the tag for that safe is missing


The northeast corner exhibits some of the damage to the glass lighting frieze


An addition from the 1985 alterations to the
building is this sign that is affixed just outside the Safe Deposit entrance grille


The secure room behind the southeast corner of Safe Deposit was not accessible in January 2009. This view is through the locked grille gate that controls access.


The small door on the far wall links the room to the corridor surrounding the Safe Deposit 'island', and was opened during business hours to provide ventilation.

The other side of that small door: the combination lock-controlled ventilation door.