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Branch Openings: 1927 to 1928
The Bank recorded each of the official openings of its permanent branches with a series of photographs. This series normally included views of the branch's exterior and interior; a copy of the commemoration tablet affixed to an interior wall of the branch; a record of the dignitaries who attended the opening ceremony; and photographs of the assembled crowd. Selections of photographs from these events are included in individual branch entries - this page portrays other aspects from opening ceremonies in the years 1927 to 1928.
Nechells -
May 7th 1927
The opening ceremonies frequently attracted large crowds - the advertisement in the window behind
the street lamp may have helped to stimulate interest. Attendance was probably assisted by the fact that the vast majority of opening ceremonies were held on a Saturday

Witton -
September 3rd 1927
The Bank's Chairman (Percival Bower) and the Lord Mayor (Alderman A H James) arrive for the opening of the branch.

The Lord Mayor performed the ceremony

Witton -
September 3rd 1927
The attire of the local population contrasts markedly with that worn by Messrs Bower and James, above.

The large number of children present at the event was undoubtedly due to an offer made by Mr W J Adams, JP, who had offered to add two shillings to the accounts of the first 250 children who opened an account with one shilling
Moseley -
September 10th 1927
Just one week after attending the ceremony at Witton, the Chairman and Lord Mayor arrive for a repeat performance at Moseley. On this occasion, Percival Bower has the honour of opening the branch - together with his wife, the Bowers
opened more branches than anyone else
Kings Heath -
June 2nd 1928
This was the second formal opening for Kings Heath - the original branch on the same site having been officially opened on April 24th 1922
Selly Park -
September 15th 1928
The Lord Mayor (Alderman A H James) crosses Pershore Road from Selly Park Council School
s. On his left is the Bank's General Manager, J P Hilton.
After a tea provided for distinguished guests, the Lord Mayor is walking the short distance to the new branch in order to perform the opening ceremony