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Branch Openings: 1921 to 1925
The Bank recorded each of the official openings of its permanent branches with a series of photographs. This series normally included views of the branch's exterior and interior; a copy of the commemoration tablet affixed to an interior wall of the branch; a record of the dignitaries who attended the opening ceremony; and photographs of the assembled crowd. Selections of photographs from these events are included in individual branch entries - this page portrays other aspects from opening ceremonies in the years 1921 to 1925.
Sparkbrook -
July 25th 1921
The first permanent branch to be opened.
Eldred Hallas (a member of the Bank's Committee of Management from 1920 to 1926) speaking inside the branch
Balsall Heath -
September 4th 1922
Eldred Hallas performing the door-opening ceremony watched by the Bank's General Manager (J P Hilton) on the left of the photograph, and two fashionably dressed young ladies on the right

Rotton Park -
June 16th 1923
On this occasion, the door-opening ceremony is being performed by The Right Honourable, Neville Chamberlain, MP - at that time holding a position in the government as Minister of Health

Stirchley -
October 29th 1923
Unusually, for this official photograph of the dignitaries attending the ceremony, they are recorded away from the branch.
Lozells -
March 7th 1925
Large crowds often attended the opening ceremonies, requiring a police presence. This event has a number of officers to control the
spectators, but one small girl seems determined to see what is happening
Saltley -
May 16th 1925
The Lord Mayor (Alderman [later Sir] Percival Bower) performs the opening ceremony. Percival Bower had a long association with the Bank, as Lord Mayor (1925 & 1926); as a member of the Committe of Management for 16 years; and as the Bank's Chairman from 1926 to 1932. He is flanked (on his left) by the General Manager
(J P Hilton) and (on his right) the Assistant
General Manager (Frank Ellison)