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Honours List - Savings Banks Institute

This photograph (taken by Lesley Coley) shows one of the two Honours Boards that were a feature of the Bank's Head Office Assembly Room. The boards can be seen in Image 010 - the above board is to the left of the doorway; the board to the right of the doorway honours the Associates of the Institute of Bankers, plus female clerks who were only expected to take the initial parts of the examinations. The Savings Banks Institute was founded in 1948, suggesting that the early Associates listed on the board benefited from some transitional arrangement. The board illustrated above replaced an earlier version in 1951.


Associates of the Savings Banks Institute were entitled to the designatory letters ASBI; the two institutes amalgamated on October 1st 1977.


The photograph was taken in 1989 after the board was removed from the wall, and placed in temporary storage in one of the store rooms at the rear of Safe Deposit. The names listed are all male except for two, and are inscribed against the year in which they completed the Institute's examinations as follows:

1947: R W R Roberts
1948: J L Gregg; A W Hopkins; R N Wilcox
1949: J E Ager; A Clemons; R J Fryman; D J Holbeche; J W Smith; K N Whittaker
1951: S W Fairey; R Gregory; S Gregory; H W Powell; E A Stewart; S C Stringer
1952: N Slater; I T Stirling; C J Valeur; N A Worwood
1953: L S Bellmore; J A Cox; J Fellows; T J Lafford; H I Madeley; J Pardoe; J W Walker
1954: J A Allkins; G P Copsey; R F Lovell; G H Pardoe; E M Shaw; A J Smith
1955: P H Baulcombe; R W Cheshire; H T K Haslam; A H Hockridge; M J Taylor
1956: N Alsop; J G Eyre; N A Monk
1957: J S Adams; A Radburn; R C T Wozencroft
1958: M J Smith; A E Young
1959: R M Atkins; E G Bignell; W M Eley; G J Sherborne
1960: K T Burden; H J Clemmow; T P Cox; D A Johnson; D G Smith; D A Stace
1961: A Green; N E Jackson; A R Morris
1962: D M Bickley; R J Harper
1963: J D Briden; B W Godwin; J King; D J Parkes; R J Stanley; J Ward; D J Wilkinson
1964: C L J Bolton; G Butler; R L Mann; R A Snow
1965: I L Galloway; L G Sharrard; M J Taylor; L D Webber
1966: M P Bourke; R A Bunten; A Nicol
1967: G L Capener
1968: J G Bayes; M J Davenport; D J Glenn; P W Limbrick; K N Parkes; P Taylor; J Yarnall
1969: P H Aston; D J Chapman; M G Crofts; P J M Dowlan; R D Edkins; R J Fernie; J W M Hemming;  (Miss) J M Hooke; D R Horner;

           J T Stanley; P J Tyler; E L Yates
1970: D W Jackson; R N Moll; R J Tonks
1971: K F Capp; M W Kendall; J H Winterbottom; D A Coton; D Longfils; M F Frost; D M Manners
1972: D W Hoccom; P G Mansfield; M E Whitfield; T C Winter
1973: R M Garner; D L Price; G R Sargent
1974: R S Cridge; S J Griffin; R D Hines; G Malin; T McA Murphy; B Partlett; S R Pink; R J Smallwood
1975: C O Donaldson; J J Marshall
1976: R F Parker; T J Quinn; R I Timmins
1977: (Miss) B L Coley; J J Devaney; A N Lewis; M J Tarver