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Queen's Silver Jubilee Visit to Birmingham: Part 2

- staff viewing from Head Office rooftop
Image Number 005 shows the views enjoyed by the Bank's staff on the occasion of The Queen's Silver Jubilee visit to Birmingham on July 27th 1977. The photographs below show the staff's advantageous viewing positions on the Head Office rooftop.
Staff reached the rooftop viewing area via a small access portal. The staff shown here on the way back to their desks via that portal are (left to right):
 - John Ordish
 - Judith Barker
 - Colette Foxon
 - Doreen Bowler
 - David Smith
 - Norman Goddard (behind David)
 - Norman Worwood
Utilising a precarious position on the highest point of the building's frontage is Tom Jeffery - who was presumably used to heights with his day-to-day responsibilty for maintenance of the Bank's premises

This photograph shows the wall on which Tom Jeffery is sitting, and some of the decorative detail near the top of the wall. Beyond Tom are:
 - [unknown]
 - Laurence Shaw

Nearer the camera are three of the Bank's senior officers (left to right):
 - John Ager
 - Jack Hollist
 - Joe Hoccom



(Photographs by David Parkes)


The photograph on the right shows members of the Bank's staff on the Head Office rooftop. Also on the roof (on the extreme left) are TV and newspaper cameramen