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Images portraying events in the history of the BMB,
including many submitted by former employees of the Bank.
The Images are listed below in an approximate CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, but are listed elsewhere by Reference Number (ie the order in which they were added to the website)
 Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank
 The Bank's Chairmen
 Branch Openings: 1921 to 1925
 Luncheons at Branch Openings
 Edmund Street Head Office - Opening Ceremony
 Staff Golf Match - about 1925
 Bank Stands at Trade Exhibitions - 1925, 1926 and 1931
 General Manager and Senior Officers - 1925
 Staff Dinners - 1925, 1930, 1936, 1938 and 1939
 British Industries Fair - 1926
 Branch Openings: 1927 to 1928
 Branch Openings: 1929 to 1932
 Harborne Charity Fete - 1931
 T C Howitt, FRIBA; Architect - Broad Street Head Office
 Broad Street Head Office - Design Competition
 Broad Street Head Office - the Foundation Stone Ceremony
 Broad Street: Press Coverage of the Foundation Stone Ceremony
 Broad Street Head Office - Under Construction
 Broad Street Head Office - the Official Opening Ceremony
 Press Coverage of the Official Opening Ceremony
 BMB Staff - 1933
 Branch Openings: 1933 to 1939
 Birmingham in 1935
 Broad Street Head Office Opening - Commemoration Dinner Menu Cards
 Edmund Street to Broad Street: 'The Midnight Flit'
 Broad Street's First Deposit .... and the Bank's First Depositor
 Broad Street - the First Day
 Complimentary Dinner to J P Hilton, Esq, CBE - 1935
 20 Million Commemoration Dinner
 Portrait of J P Hilton
 Snooker at Head Office
 Children's Christmas Party - 1936
 Transfer of Solihull Mortgages - 1937
 Pageant of Birmingham - 1938
 The Girl who found the Lord Mayor's Diamond
 Second World War Events
 Staff Tea Parties - 1940, 1941 and 1943
 Branch Openings: 1940 to 1976
 Vegetables in the Street
 Frank Kirtland
 An Opening Scene
 25th Anniversary Dinner - 1944
 Salute the Soldier Week - 1944
 70 Million Celebration Dinner - 1945
 Broad Street Premises at Night
 Second World War Memorial Plaque
 Retirement of J P Hilton - 1946 (photographs)
 Retirement of J P Hilton - 1946 (Menu Card)
 Kitts Green Branch - 1950
 Staff Association - Annual Outings
 Presentation to A S Taylor - 1950
 Honours Board - 1951
 Cricket Club - League Champions 1955
 Visit of the Chancellor of the Exchequer - 1955
 Newspaper Feature - 1956
 Retirement of Harold Carver - 1957
 Inauguration of the No 2 Department - 1957
 Bank Accounts for Triplets
 Lunch Break in Head Office - 1959
 Rambling Club - late 1950s
 Staff Cricket Match 1960 - 'Under 30s' v 'Overs 30s'
 Cricket Club - circa 1960
 Handicraft Class in Head Office
 Rambling Club - Arley, May 29th 1960
 Last Day at College, June 1960
 Rambling Club - early 1960s
 Fred Parsonage
 Awards made at Head Office re Armed Raids on Branches
 Rambling Club - Anglesey 1962
 Balance Day Lunch Break - circa 1962
 Savings Drive with Graham Hill's BRM
 Savings Banks' Vocational School - Attingham Park 1963
 Football Club - season 1962/63
 Savings Banks Institute - Annual General Meeting
 BMB Football Club - 2nd XI
 Painting for Lord Mayor
 Football Club - late 1960s
 Three General Managers
 Kitts Green Branch - 1967
 Retirement of Arthur Oldham
 Head Office in 1969 - House Purchase Department
 Head Office in 1969 - Safe Deposit Department
 Head Office in 1969 - Current Accounts Department
 Head Office in 1969 - Banking Hall
 Head Office in 1969 - Assembly Room
 Head Office in 1969 - Training
 Head Office in 1969 - Standing Order Department
 Golden Jubilee (1969): Formal Dinner - Reception
 Golden Jubilee (1969): Formal Dinner - Assembly Room
 Golden Jubilee (1969): Staff Dinner - Reception
 Golden Jubilee (1969): Staff Dinner - Assembly Room
 Late Night Tea Break
 Cricket Club - circa 1970
 A 'Wise' Advertising Campaign
 Head Office - early 1970s
 Football Club - early 1970s
 Handsworth Branch
 Football Club - circa 1971
 Motoring Club - 1972 entrants for R E Gillies Rally
 Savings Banks Institute Prizewinners
 TSB College
 Head Office Branch - Christmas 1971
 Football Club - Final of TSB Cup Competition - season 1971/72
 Retirement of Percy Condon
 Cricket Club - Leicester 1972
 City Branch - Newspaper Feature
 Football Club - Final of TSB Cup Competition - season 1972/73
 Weoley Castle Branch
 Savings Banks Institute - National Branch Quiz
 Cricket Club - League Champions 1974
 Staff Association Committee Meeting
 Queen's Silver Jubilee Visit to Birmingham - Part 1
 Queen's Silver Jubilee Visit to Birmingham - Part 2
 Head Office (Broad Street) - Assembly Room
 Honours List - Savings Banks Institute
 Sunday Mercury Finance Feature
 TSB Cricket Association National Tours
 Football Club v BRMB All Stars - 1978
 Marketing Team - 1978
 The Lord Mayor's Procession, May 1978 - from BMB to TSB
 Selly Park Branch: 1928 - 1978
 Motoring Club: R E Gillies Rally
 Branches used for Art Exhibitions
 Temple Row Branch
 Retirement of John Cox and other Social Events
 Hockley Branch
 Richard Snow
 Closure of Rotton Park and Smethwick Branches
 Closure of Broad Street Branch
 Broad Street Revisited - Part 1
 Broad Street Revisited - Part 2
 Broad Street Revisited - Part 3
 Broad Street Revisited - Part 4
 The BMB's Foreign Branch?
 Broad Street - an update
 Thrift Radiates Happiness
 Hidden Spaces
 The Future for Broad Street?